The Latest Creation


So one day I was stalking blogs (what's new?) and I found a ton of really cute Christmas ideas. I read blogs about Christmas traditions, Christmas crafts, Christmas food, Christmas everything! I LOVE Christmas, so reading about all these fun ideas got me really excited. There was only one problem... it was June. I made a mental note of some of the things I really wanted to make or do when it got closer to time, and a Christmas advent calendar was one of them. I absolutely loved some of the designs that I saw, but the kind of calendar with drawers was my favorite. I thought the idea of putting a little Christmas activity in each drawer to pull out and do as a family for the 25 days of Christmas was adorable and I knew I had to make it a tradition for our family. First step: make the calendar. I went to Porters and bought this:

I was a fool to think this was going to be simple. First of all, can you see those tiny little crevices along the edges of the tree? Try painting those. It's not easy! Second, the knobs don't screw off. So instead of screwing the knobs out, putting the paper on and screwing them back in, I had to cut squares of paper to fit each drawer (which were all different sizes, even though it doesn't look like it), cut the paper in half, cut a half circle just where it could fit around the knob, make sure the two halves met perfectly and that the hole they created wasn't too big but big enough, and then modge podge them on into the perfect spots. Can you say pain in the butt? I can. It was a pain in the butt. Anyway, after much frustration, I finally finished.

I think I'm going to add a bow on top and call it good. I'm so scared I'll add something on it and then decide I don't like it. Plus, I don't want to go too overboard. But should I put the number of days on there? Ahh... I don't know. HELP!
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