Toddler-Friendly Scripture Study: Chapter 17


I kneel to pray [ASL: Pray] Bring the palms of the hands together in a prayer gesture and bring inward to chest in two small circular motions.
every day [ASL: day] With your left hand and finger pointing upward, rest your left elbow on the back of your right hand then lower the left hand until your arms are together. The moving hand represents the sun moving across the sky and the horizontal arm represents the earth. 
I speak [ASL: talk] Alternate the index fingers on both hands back and forth from the mouth to represent people talking. 
to Heavenly Father [ASL: God]  With fingers together, point up to heaven then bring downward over the center of the face as a sign of respect.
He hears [ASL: hear] Point to the ear. 
and answers me [ASL: me] With index finger, point to your chest. 
When I pray  [ASL: Pray] Bring the palms of the hands together in a prayer gesture and bring inward to chest in two small circular motions.
in faith [ASL: faith] by pointing to your temple then bringing your fists together or just bow your head on the word "faith".

(Song help was found here)


1.    Prayer PB&J or Flip Book (found on
Color the page (or you can use the colored PB&J page) and then cut out the sandwich pieces (PB&J) or on the dotted lines (flip book). Use the printable to discuss the parts of prayer, specific things we can pray for, what our eyes, arms, etc. should be doing when we pray, etc.

If you want to go above and beyond, you can make one of these puppets for your child to use to practice their prayers.

2. Art/Craft: Coloring page found here or you can make the prayer puppet mentioned above.

“Ponderize” Scripture: Mosiah 24:14

Scripture Study Outline
If you haven't read my initial post, read it here. This outline is very brief. The link will lead to an explanation of the scripture study and gives more information for how to teach it. 

1. Preview the chapter with a picture walk. (Explanation found here.) Introduce the song by listening to it a couple times and humming to the tune.

2. Read through the story in the manual. Ask questions and take time to look at the pictures as you read. Take as many days as needed to read the whole chapter. End by listening to/singing the song.

3.  Have your child color the coloring page and/or do one of the prayer activities while you read sections of the story from the actual scriptures. Take as many days as needed to read through the passages. End each day by singing the song.

(If you choose to do the printable prayer activity, take a little time each day to use the printable to explain the different parts of prayer. See explanation above in the “Activities” section.)
4. Watch the scripture story video. End by reading your favorite verse from the passages (or the “ponderize” scripture).

5. Read a favorite verse (or the “ponderize” scripture) from this story two times and have your child read it with you the second time. Summarize the chapter as you look back through the pictures and share your testimony about the power of prayer (revisit the prayer printable if you chose to incorporate it in step 3). End by singing the song.

(Whole verse)
(Section of verse, found on Pinterest)

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