Is This Real Life?


Sometimes I don't believe it when I think about the fact that I'll be a mom in less than a week. It is so crazy to think that time has gone by this fast and frankly, I am scared out of my mind. Being a mom is all I have ever wanted and I know without a doubt that this was the time Jordan and I were supposed to start our family; but that doesn't change the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing. For this reason, I am so grateful for the gospel and to know I can completely rely on prayer and inspiration to help me when I'll need it, which will most likely be 100% of the time. As unprepared as I feel, I'm as ready as I'll ever be!

Jordan and I finally finished the nursery. There are a few things we still need like a garbage can, but overall it feels finished. I love how it turned out, especially when I see pictures of what that room used to look like...



Jordan's dad designed and printed this art work for us, painted the wall gray, and hung them all up. Thanks Scott! We LOVE it!

We found this for a ridiculously low price at DownEast, as you can see below. It was the first thing we bought for his room and we were pretty excited about it. 

Don't mind the garbage on the floor... I told you I still need a trash can.
Close-up of his sheets.
Forgive the pictures... we don't have a high-quality camera so those were taken with Jordan's phone. I don't think they do the room justice, but for a phone they aren't too bad. It feels great to be finished and know that at least I'm prepared in that aspect. The colors turned out fun and even though I know decorating was more for us, I'm glad my baby will have his own cute little room. I love walking in there and am excited to actually have a baby to change on the changing table, put into the crib, and cuddle with in the rocking chair.  

On Halloween, my 39 week mark, we were able to have maternity pictures taken! My friend Summer was kind enough to take them for us since I'm pretty much awful at documenting our lives. Our main form of documentation is Instagram, and I think we've posted like six pictures. Pathetic. I need to be better so I can capture all the fun family moments that are soon to come! Anyway, we love how they turned out and feel so grateful to have some nice pictures of us for once since our wedding. Thanks, Summer! 

3 more days! Ready or not, he's coming!

Interchangeable Yarn Wreath


I had a really hard time naming this post in such a boring, straight-forward manner. Just an FYI.

I normally don't get that excited about wreaths that I make, but I really am pumped about this one. Yarn wreaths are by far my favorite but they take twelve years and five months to make. This is a problem. All of the hours spent wrapping yarn and untangling it only to tangle it again by continuing to wrap it is enough to drive a person insane. Oh, and let's not forget all the time spent massaging your hand and hoping you don't develop some type of arthritis. Yes, I'm a whiner and yes, it may not be that bad, but I've solved my problem regardless. This wreath is interchangeable! The bats are pinned on, not glued, so now I can take them off and pin on other things depending on the season or holiday. I can pin on snowflakes or blue roses for winter, hearts or red roses for Valentines Day, four-leaf clovers for St. Patrick's Day, etc. Three cheers for preventing carpal tunnel!

Rocking Chair Makeover


While browsing DI in Rexburg a couple of months ago, Jordan and I found this rocking chair and got really excited. We wanted a chair that we could fix up and make our own, but nothing caught our eye until this little beauty. Sure it smelled bad, and maybe the original cushion was covered in cat hair (we left it at the store because it was so bad), but we knew there was a little treasure hiding beneath it all. I'm so glad we got it! $15 for both pieces... that's what I'm talking about.

After spending several hours sanding and painting, Jordan was ready for me to help finish it off. We only needed three things: a cushion to sit on, pillow for decoration/comfort, and fabric for the ottoman and pillowcase.

We spent FOREVER searching online and in stores for chair cushions but could never find one that was the right size. We decided to stop by Cost Plus to check out their selection while we were in Utah. After searching through the chair cushions with no luck, we started wandering around with hopes of magically stumbling upon something that would work. What was waiting for us in the 50% off section you ask? A cushion of not only the perfect size, but also the perfect color. It was love at first sight.

We found the perfect fabric to use for the rest from a body pillowcase (on sale) at Target. We cut it in half and used the part with the zipper for the pillow and the other part for the ottoman. I should do projects with Jordan more often - all I had to do was sew one seam and staple some fabric to wood. Best project ever.

I'm loving the end result and can't wait to rock little Baby Bevan. This chair is the perfect size for tall people like us and I hope it lasts for a while. I'm excited to post more pictures of the nursery, but we still have a lot of work to do. One project down, several more to go!

By the way, as I was walking out of Walmart the other day, I had quite the conversation with a mysterious old man. I thought I should share.

Old Man: You're walking out of the entrance door.
Me: Haha, yep... (so are you?)
Old Man: You know, I was at McDonald's the other day and they only had one straw left. Do you want to know what it was?
Me: What?
Old Man: The last straw. (Exits stage right.)

Just a little food for thought for the evening... something to ponder about. As for me, I'll continue to be freaked out by random old men (not the kind that resemble your cute grandpa or Santa) approaching me at Walmart, which may or may not happen every time I go. Super Target, please come soon.
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