Our Favorite Pizza Sauce


I love making things from scratch but sometimes I like to take shortcuts. And by sometimes, I mean all the time.

Let's take pizza for example. Yes, I could make the dough and knead it and then let it rise and then get out my food processor and make my own pizza sauce and then grate a bunch of cheese and cut up all the toppings and then make a salad to go on the side. OR I could knock out a couple of these steps and make life easier.

I have made my own pizza sauce before, but sometimes it is just really nice to open a can/jar and be done with it. I've tried many different brands and while I am not really picky about the sauce, my husband is. In fact, he's kind of a pizza brat.

Well, I was sick of buying sauces that the husband didn't like and spending more money on them than I would making it on my own so one day I did a little research. I found quite a few people who said that Don Pepino's pizza sauce is the sauce to buy. We gave it a shot and now there is no turning back.

Why do we love it?

1. It tastes fresh.
No funky spices or weird, underlying flavors.

2. A can costs around $1.
We make two cookie-sheet-sized pizzas with one can.

3. They sell it at Walmart.
A lot of people said they could only find it at specialty grocery stores so it was nice to find it at Walmart since that's where I do most of my grocery shopping. (Walmart is definitely not my favorite place but it keeps my grocery bill low - but that's a topic for another day!)

Anyway, Don Pepino is our new BFF.

I also think it's awesome that the guy on the can (I'm assuming that's "Don") is holding a can of Don Pepinos. It's a can inside of a can.

Can Inception.

Try this pizza sauce out - hopefully you won't be disappointed. If you are, I apologize and I owe you a dollar. If you love it, I'm happy you are now fellow Don-Pepino-lovers.
This is the cheapest place I can find to buy it online. I see that you can buy some online on Walmart and Amazon, but they are definitely more expensive. Hopefully they sell them at all Walmart locations!

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Kaori W said...

Can inception is hilarious. We will have to try it. Sounds yum

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