Toddler-Friendly Scripture Study: Chapter 11


Chapter 11 - Enos
If you haven't read my initial post, read it here. It explains the scripture study plan in a little more detail and gives more information for how to teach it. 

Song: There are two song options for this lesson. One is a lesser-known song from the Children’s Songbook, but is perfect for teaching the parts of prayer. It’s basic and obviously toddler-friendly. The other is a well-known hymn that I love. While it isn’t as simple and clear as the first song, I think it’s important to teach children hymns as well. Whatever your choice is, you can’t really go wrong!

A Prayer Song (CS p. 22a)
(To make this song interactive, just follow the words to the song! The only thing I would as is to end by kneeling during the fourth line so you look ready to pray by the end of the song.)

We bow our heads in prayer today,
We fold our arms together,
Then close our eyes, and while we pray
We talk to Heavenly Father


Did You Think to Pray? (Hymn #140, chorus only)
Oh, how praying rests the weary. (lay head on hands like you are sleeping)
Prayer will change the night to day. (fold arms for “prayer”, then sign “day”)
So, when life gets dark and dreary, (make a sad face)
Don’t forget to pray (shake head “no”, fold arms)

1. Perfect coloring pages found here
UPDATE: Super cute Book of Mormon coloring book available on - found HERE. For this lesson, I would use this page: (kind of hard for toddlers, but great for kids a little older!)

2. Here are a couple of options for printable figures to use with summary (or you can just act it out, as outlined)

Summary (with printable figures) OR Dramatization: (found here)
One day Enos went into the forest (have the children hold up their arms and pretend to be trees)to hunt animals (have them pretend to shoot an arrow). While he was in the forest, he prayed to Heavenly Father (have the children kneel as if praying; finish the story while they are kneeling). Heavenly Father answered his prayer, and Enos was happy. He knew Heavenly Father would bless him.

Additional Activities:
1. Rebus story: Enos Prays

2. I don’t have a place for this, but this lesson would be the perfect time to teach children how to pray. This is a cute little idea using the lyrics from one of the songs in the Children’s Songbook.
I begin by saying “Dear Heavenly Father”; (raise one finger—keep fingers raised throughout the activity verse)
I thank him for blessings he sends; (raise second finger)
Then humbly I ask him for things that I need, (raise third finger)

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. (raise fourth finger)

Scripture Study Outline
Again, if you haven't read my initial post, read it here. My outline is very brief, so this explains the scripture study plan in a little more detail and gives more information for how to teach it. 

1. Preview the chapter with a picture walk. (Explanation found here.) Introduce the song by listening to it a couple times.

2. Read the story from the manual. Ask questions and take time to look at the pictures as you read. Take as many days as needed to read the whole chapter.  End each day by singing the song.

3.  Have your child color one of the coloring pages (or printable figures if you are choosing to do that) while you read sections of the story from the actual scriptures. Take as many days as needed to read through the passages. End each day by singing the song.

4. Read the summary to your child one time and model how to act it out/use the printable figures (depending on what you choose). Then read it again and encourage your child to participate with you. Read one of your favorite scriptures from the chapter and end by singing the song.

5. Watch the scripture story video for this chapter. End by singing the song.

6. Have your child retell the story by acting out the summary/using the figures while you read it (or see if they can do it by themselves!).
Read the Rebus story a couple times and then see if your child can read it with you by having them read the parts with the pictures.

Read a favorite verse from this story two times and have your child read it with you the second time. Bear your testimony about prayer and end by singing the song.

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