On Wednesday, I threw my very first baby shower for our Relief Society president with A LOT of help from my friend Monica. She made delicious cake pops and chocolate covered pretzels and helped out in a billion other ways. Oh, and I can't forget about my other helper and friend - the internet. Good thing there are so many talented, generous people out there who create really cute things for other people to steal. After we decided on colors, I found a banner, cupcake toppers, and really cute invitations from a blog that matched perfectly. To whoever made these adorable elephant printables, thank you!

I also played in my very first championship volleyball game at BYU-Idaho last night. It’s only for the competitive league, so it’s not really legit, but it was still a great game. Jordan was the best fan ever. He got all our fans in the stands to chant and clap for us, and he yelled so loud the whole night that his voice was gone after the game. Although we lost, I had a lot of fun. My team played great, but the other team’s defense was ridiculous. If you know me, you know I’m really hard on myself and only think of the mistakes I make rather than the good stuff. All I can think about are the things I could have done better or differently last night. So, I just keep watching this video over and over again to keep myself from getting too depressed:

I’ll miss playing volleyball at BYU-Idaho, but at least Jordan and I were both able to make it to the championships while we were here (Jordan actually won his). We’ll have to find a league to play in wherever we end up because I know we’ll die without volleyball.


Elise said...

Hulk smash!
PS Cute baby shower. I mean, REALLY cute. That is maybe the best color combination ever, and you KNOW I love those puff balls. Jealous of your smashing/party skills.
He didn't take the money.
(I really wanted to put a relevant Anastasia quote there but I couldn't find one so I ended up with that instead.)

Christian and Ryann Hulme said...

Oh don't worry! I've already done lots of research and there are volleyball leagues all over here! I'm just waiting for you to get here to join because we all know I'm too socially retarded to do it myself. That baby shower looks fabulous! Holy cow, everything you do is so cute.

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