Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes


Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes is such a fun book! When I first read it with Tate a year or so ago, he LOVED it. We looked up the free song that goes along with it and sang as we read it over and over, per his request. It is a perfect book for talking about colors and cause and effect. I also love that it teaches a little lesson about having a good attitude, too. Rather than whine about his shoes changing colors or getting wet, Pete keeps his head up and stays positive! It’s the perfect lesson for kids at this age when whining really hits a peak. (Or is that just my kid?)

Karli had a little Pete the Cat coloring page for the boys to color as we came in. Then we listened to the book here

After that she did a color activity with the boys. They each had a printable with different colors of shoes on it. She showed them pictures of different objects and asked the boys what color their shoes would be if they stepped in each one. For example, she held up a picture of mud and asked what color their shoes would be if they stepped in it and they pointed to the brown shoe. Super cute!

Then she had the boys act out the story as she read it. She taped newspaper together in a square and at each corner there was a plate with paint in it (one plate just had water for the part when Pete’s shoes get wet.) The boys took their shoes and socks off, rolled up their pants, and got to step in each color as Pete did in the book. They stepped in the red when Pete stepped in strawberries, blue when he stepped in blueberries, etc. The boys got braver as time went along so what started off as a hesitant toe-dip turned into them marching around without blinking an eye each time they got to a new plate.

Long story short: they loved it. And Karli is a trooper for setting this up/being okay with the boys doing this in her living room.

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