Go, Dog, Go!


This lesson made me so happy. It was so much fun, even for me, and I'm a grown woman. Props to Karli for the great ideas. Her genius strikes again.

When Tate and I walked in, there was a printable from Go, Dog, Go! waiting for him to color. After a couple minutes of coloring we sang our usual songs and then Karli read Go, Dog, Go! to the boys. (Why do I not own this book? I do not know.) After she finished, she had the boys trace their names using little Thomas trains as we talked about each letter that makes up their names.

Then the boys got to play Red Light Green Light, which was a HUGE hit. Karli ran the show for the first couple rounds, but then the boys could no longer resist. They had to have a turn.

This game was so fun, even Karli and Em had to join in.
Once they were ready to move on, the boys made their very own party hats, just like the dog in the book. They had fun picking out stickers, googly eyes, pom-poms and feathers but were more excited once we hot glued the elastic to the back and they became real hats. Tate wore his for pretty much the entire day. 

Cute book. Cute lesson. Cute boys. 

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