Ten Apples Up On Top


The little lesson that Karli did for this Dr. Suess book was so cute! She read the book to the boys and then they got to stack their own "apples"(blocks) as she read it a second time. After that, the boys did some apple stamping and we got a seriously adorable decoration out of it.

Karli bought a random book from the dollar store and cut out triangles for the banner. The boys stamped the apples, we painted a stem and leaf on each one and then hot glued it to twine. (I have yet to do the last couple steps to finish my banner, surprise surprise, but Karli's turned out awesome!)

Such a fun little lesson and a perfect decoration for fall.

Just as a side note, here are a couple things we do to as part of our routine:

1. We try to have an activity for the boys to do right when they come in. It's nothing special, just a coloring page that matches the activity for the day or some puzzles, etc. This provides a smooth transition and keeps them from coming in and going straight to playing with toys, which is what they would normally do for any regular play date.

2. After we get settled, we begin by singing the same songs each time we get together. We sing a welcome song, the ABCs, a number song (just added that one today!) and a couple fun songs, like Wheels on the Bus. This helps signal to the boys that it's learning time and they know we will be doing a lesson right afterward. Routine is HUGE!

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